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Important Notice

Important Notice for Existing Clients

Date: 6 September 2016

Our Ref: LCA/AF/2016/Important Notice


Director(s) and/ Member(s) of

Existing Labuan Companies


Dear Sirs,


The above matter refers.

Please be informed that pursuant to section 151(1) of Labuan Companies Act 1990 (“LCA”), a Labuan company shall pay such annual fee as may be prescribed, on or before the anniversary of the date of its incorporation or establishment and in the event a Labuan company is wound up prior to its first anniversary, the Labuan company shall pay the annual fee proportionately to the number of months, weeks and days the Labuan company was in existence for that year.

Further, pursuant to subsection (1A), the Authority may impose an administrative penalty on payment of any annual fees received later than the anniversary date as specified in subsection (1).

Section 151(2) further provides that, notwithstanding subsection (1A), if a Labuan company fails to pay the annual fee referred to in subsection (1) on or before the expiration of a period of six months from the annual fee payment date then there shall be payable in addition to the annual fee an amount equivalent to fifty per cent of the annual fee.

In section 151(4), if the Labuan company fails to pay the annual fee and the additional amount specified in subsection (2) within one month from the date of the notice or the extended period as may be allowed by the Authority under subsection (3), the Authority may strike the name of the Labuan company off the register.

Section 151(5) provides that, notwithstanding that the name of a Labuan company has been struck off the register under this section, the Labuan company shall remain liable for all claims, debts, liabilities and obligations of the Labuan company, and the striking off shall not affect the liability of any of its members, directors, officers or agents under this Act or any other law.

Our record shows that there are companies that have failed, neglected or unable to pay the Annual Fee in accordance with section 151(1) of LCA to Labuan FSA within the stipulated time.

PLEASE NOTE that you shall arrange payment of the Annual Fee (together with the Penalty) due to Labuan FSA {“Outstanding Sum”} to us for our onward payment to Labuan FSA.

Kindly contact us for the payment of Annual Fee and please ensure that the remittance should be sufficient and free from any bank charges and expenses incurred. Such charges during remitting shall be borne by your goodself.

TAKE NOTE that the Outstanding Sum shall be paid into our account on or before 23rd September 2016 failing which, Labuan FSA shall reserve their right to commence legal proceedings against you to compel the payment of the Outstanding Sum due to them.

If you have recently made payment of the Outstanding Sum, kindly furnish us with your remittance slip for our onward action and disregard this notice accordingly.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Eunice Soh Goon Hee